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Grain Bin Safety Week raises awareness

Nominate your local fire department today for a Grain Bin Safety Week grant from Nationwide

For nearly 90 years, CHS has been synonymous with integrity and community stewardship, rooted in the solid rural values of trust, mutual respect, and doing the right things for the right reasons. Now, continuing in this tradition, CHS is proud to announce an impactful partnership with Nationwide®, aimed at enhancing safety and protection for farmers and ranchers across the nation.

This partnership is built on a relationship that spans two decades, as Nationwide, the largest insurer of farms, shares the CHS commitment to promote and sustain agriculture. Together, we’re not only providing essential insurance protection but also actively working to raise awareness and prevent tragic accidents within the agricultural community.

Nationwide’s dedication to promoting safety in agriculture is exemplified by initiatives like Grain Bin Safety Week, an annual campaign organized since 2014. This crucial event has provided rescue tubes and grain entrapment training to over 332 fire departments across 32 states, resulting in nine successful life saves. As a corporate sponsor of Grain Bin Safety Week, CHS is proud to support these efforts.

In recognition of Grain Bin Safety Week, Nationwide has launched its 11th annual “Nominate Your Fire Department Contest.” This initiative aims to equip rural fire departments with the specialized training and equipment necessary to respond effectively to grain entrapment emergencies. With the number of reported grain entrapments on the rise, it’s essential to raise awareness of these dangers and empower our first responders to act swiftly and safely.

We invite farmers, ranchers, and community members to nominate their local fire departments for this crucial training and equipment. By doing so, you can play a vital role in protecting your community and ensuring that help is readily available in times of need.

Nominate your local fire department and contribute to rural safety efforts. Visit the Nationwide website to learn more and take action today.

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