Grain Information

VOM Information 
All Grain coming into the elevators is being tested and will continue to be tested for VOM.  . All Grain Delv. is sample specified to TKTS and sampled to certain lot #s hauled.
Vomitoxin Discount: -5c/0.5PPM 2.1-4.9, greater than 5.0 subject to rejection. Subject to change.

Hauling Schedule
Click the Hauling Schedule tab to see what the Drayton Terminal is currently dumping!

Canola bids are valid Delv. to the Hallock Canola plant — Please call 1-855-5CANOLA for current bids.

CHS in Drayton will not accept grain, oilseeds or wheat containing transgenic traits not approved for the US Export Markets: such markets to include China, Canada, South Korea, the European Union, Japan and Mexico.  CHS will not accept grain products that puts its supply chain at risk — see our policy at and a complete list of traits presently unapproved in all major markets. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you.

Spring Wheat Protein Scales Updated 2/1/23:
+.05 cents ea. 1/5 from 14.0% (Max 50 cent premium)
-.05 cents ea. 1/5 down from 14.0% (Max 50 cent discount)

Winter Wheat Pro Scales:
-.05 cents 1/5 down from 12.0 to 10.0 pro
+.00 cents 1/5 up from 12.0 to 13.0 pro


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